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Pictures for share~

by on Nov.15, 2011, under Shota CGs

here is first one from ACH’s request, easiest one to be honest~ quite rough, but hope you guys would enjoy it, this charactor is also designed by ACH himself:

here is second one for Drow-chan~ little Genius enjoying his fantasy, so am I

Today is my birthday~ hehe, just post something for share~

You want to see Jack and Simon kiss, and want to see Simon fxxk Lucas, so I put this two together, how you both would enjoy this hehe.

Finally, all three requests done (acutally its four because I combine two into the last one). Its not normal HQ CG , but its same way I normally draw a picture, hope you enjoy these. If  many people enjoy one of these pictures and very much want to see what it looks like when fully completed, I will try to draw. Before that I will try to draw next 5, though it would be during Chirstmas and even later. I really have limited time to do drawing.

Thank you guys for leave comments on my birthday~ and I had a good time, thank you~

I see some people also interested in my gender~ here is a very simple way to find out:

pixiv has a new function to count if your picture is more popular in male or female. my gender is same as most of you guys who enjoy my works.

And it is not first time people ask me to draw Loli, but its first time people ask me to draw adult. To be honest, I’m really happy to hear about this. Well, as this site name indicates, its all shota. I admit I do enjoy ero-comic about loli but very limited in anal sex. Also I enjoy adult gay porn. But you never know, I seen so many shota artists turn to lolicon and start to draw loli, maybe I would do too.

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Thank you guys

by on Nov.12, 2011, under Shota CGs

Its been quite a hard time since I post warning information about Trevor. At first, I allow him to say something to defend himself. When his comments turn to be personal attack. I spam his IP

First I need to Thank Random for quick inform, I wouldn’t know until I see your comment, thank you. As many of you may know that Trevor  “shared” the comic me and skotavus made on pixiv. I don’t mind people sharing my work, but not in this way. He changed the coverpage( actually he used the coverpage I posted long time ago without title and author name, I can see he came to my blog long time ago ), then changed the color of the comic and add his own watermarks. That’s what makes me feel bad: if you hate me and that comic so much, why add your own water mark and claim its yours? I saved screenshot of Trevor’s last posts, might be useful in the future.

Finally Trevor’s account is banned, I must thank, Will, the best way to thank you guys is share my works( well, the best way I can do), so you guys can leave your comment here tell me what to draw. I will draw first three and try to draw the rest. it will not be HQ cg, more like sketch+water color ( I really really have very limited time). Offer for requests is closed, I will try to complete existing requests~(2011/12/1)

And thank these who purchase or support the comic, I know Hypnosis isn’t for everyone’s taste and this comic isn’t hardcore like I usually draw, but still, I’m really glad that you came for my work.

Thank pitopis from yaoi-gallery and staff from forosdz for remove the comic in   its great website, shame that I can’t read or write in Spanish (I need to learn japanese also)

Thank you very much

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