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Happy Halloween

by on Oct.31, 2011, under Shota CGs

Treat win out: so treat it is, but you can only take as much as you can hold….

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Incoming Halloween

by on Oct.27, 2011, under Shota CGs

hi, here is new halloween boy for you guys

but this time, you get choose for trick or treat

well, trick would be something more like punishment~(more towards SM~)

and treat would be something sweet and nice

since I only have time for one picture:  so make your choice and click just one link: since I don’t know how to make a poll using wordpress, the most downloaded file would be the one I draw

two files for download are same picture, please don’t click both just out of curious:

I choose trick!:

I choose treat!:

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Monster Kingdom

by on Oct.08, 2011, under Shota CGs

finally come, I guess that I been saying this for too long so no more introduction.

But be careful: this set contain scat( feces and urine), insertion with alian object, rape, and blood

I will make a clean version at end of today: remove scat and blood.

If you are ok with all tags above, please enjoy~

here is relatively clearner version

For these are not able to download it from Mediafire: please join 41053902

you know

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Happy birthday to Smiling Sausage

by on Oct.03, 2011, under Shota CGs

Again, sorry about last post, I really feel bad because most of you guys come here to see more drawings not long sad story.

Here let’s cheer up for my friend: smiling sausage. He is also a shota artist on pixiv:

believe it or not, he has very cute shota voice and he knows programming. We are going to make a shota game someday, though not enough time for both of us yet.

He is very hardcore and into shota with alian creatures, so his birthday present is very suitble to put into monster kingdom, here is page one just for taste, The whole set include a lot of nasty scene, I will put it in monster kingdom.

PS: I spend lots lots of time coloring, come out quite well, I personally love his feet most. Hope you guys enjoy it too.

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Something about a very famous person

by on Oct.01, 2011, under Shota CGs

I first need to apologise to Kuro-kun that I notice this problem quite late. I just move back to UK and its painkiller who told me this. Kuro-kun is not Trevor.

I was very much want to tell a story about Trevor three years ago. Sure you guys know better and more stories about how he “hypnotise” young artists to work for him. I have been drawing shota for more than three years now. Trevor is the first guy who offer me commission. Its a full-colored picture of two young boys get hypotised for the payment is about 7$. Although the payment is low, it was quite a happy (but short time). you know its a first job. Trevor told me its the highest price most people would offer and I should be happy about this, and he wants me draw for him and only draw for him. For every commission for Trevor I must not publish them anywhere and I most delete all files of this commission. It was my first time drawing for someone I have no idea about rules so I did what he asked me for, but I don’t want to just draw for him only . Soon other people starts ask me for commission with more reasonble price (much higher than what trevor’s offer) and I become more busy so don’t draw for Trevor anymore, he is extremely angry and say lots of nasty things that he know in English, and want me to delete he from MSN. But this is not the end of my journey with him.

there are quite lot of person trick me to draw “free comission” pictures for him/her. But I believe there are good reasons about it so I never talk it about it in public, just with painkiller. I almost forget Trevor but some friends show me an advertisement picture made by Trevor, and my picutre is on it. Because by that time, I didn’t tell anyone beside painkiller about what happened with me and trevor and even painkiller didn’t saw the picture ( he was pretty upset).

My anger with Trover grows when another artist told me some other stories about Trevor and I finally realise that I’m not the only victim. So even years after that, when another person ask me about a commission for a comic about hyponsis. I did worried that’s another avatar of Trevor. But he is from Australia and very nice to me the whole time. So I told the story about Trevor to him and apologise to him for mistaken him for Trevor. That’s Skotavus (I hope he don’t mind I tell you guys where he is from, but you can check everyone’s IP address on this blog and I have no idea how to hide it)

My doubt and kuro-kun been mistaken for Trevor showed me the damage Trevor has done is much beyond just between artists. Trevor has no respect for shota arts, his method is to trick young artists for private drawing and sell it together on the internet. Other than this, Trevor is harmless from my point of view. So even you feel someone is trevor here, but please be nice to him,because in this little world on the edge, we all love shota.


Sorry to get back to you guys late. I’m busy with my study and barely few time for shota drawing.

The reason why I wrote such a long story with poor grammar is that I want to help kuro-kun to

make it clear that he is not trevor and his nickname was used by someone else.

I did not lie anything about Trevor, since he has done similar stuff to so many other people.

I really don’t have to create a story about him. There already too much stories about him. And I don’t want to hid anything,

although I don’t agree with what you said, I still prove your comment so everyone can see.

Answer for sHOTa: I’m sorry that I’m not able to make a suitable sample here. Its ten pages story.

I will ask skotavus if I can upload his story here so you would know what’s in it.

Its just pre-order, he will send the comic on Oct 7th to these who already bought it no matter how much he received.

By young artists I mean these who just start to draw shota. Not about their real age, better to say as beginner artists.

Thank you very much for your guys support me. After Skotavus complete his pre-order for shota hyponsis comic. I will also upload the whole set of monster kingdom.

To my definition, I don’t think Trevor is a artist, because he don’t respect art and love money more than shota.

The reason I improved for last three years is because I love draw shota and try to spend most of my time drawing, having this kind of post really looks like a scar on my face.

I hope this can help kuro-kun..

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